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About The Team

Chris Mack, Founder and CEO

has 15 years of experience as a builder in fintech. At Eris Digital he built a crypto exchange matching engine benchmarked at 1 million orders per second. He has built trading platforms for arbitrage and market making at Jefferies, and consulted as a technical expert for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and LiquidNet. Chris earned a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Economics from Carnegie Mellon. Chris is the founder of tradeplacer.com, a precious metals exchange.

Riddhi Gandhi, CFO

has been working with businesses to create and maintain financial processes and controls for the past 10 years. She has worked across multiple industries, from construction to public relations, and has helped organize and operationalize multiple post seed startups. She has degrees in accounting and psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington and will receive her CPA soon.

Masur Griffitts LLP, Legal

is a boutique law firm focusing on corporate, intellectual property, venture and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and related contract work for start-up and growth stage companies in the creative, technology, blockchain and crypto.